27-28.01.2024 2xNational CAC Shows “In memory of Sabaneyev 2024” и “RFOS Cup 2024”, Moscow

The first day Class baby:
Exclusive Star Eron ( Teraline Emperor +Smart Wood Hills Xenia) – 3 place.
Exclusive Star Ciklomen (Satori Macho + Exclusive Star Adel) – 4 place
Exclusive Star Chin-Chin (Smart Wood Hills Xenox + Riski-Wiski iz Zoosfery) – persp.
The second day Class baby:
Exclusive Star Ciklomen – CW, “Best baby”, nom.BIS.

Exclusive Star Eron2 place.

Exclusive Star Fantinel (Leroy Jakson iz Zoosfery + Eria Pro Wendy) – 2 place in puppy class only the first day .
In junior class Gardian Sunrise  Chesma (Sebastian iz Zoosfery + Gardian Sunrise Elita ) – 3 place.
In open class Exclusive Star Don Juane ( Norte de Luces de Grande Vinko + Exclusive Star Adel) – excellent only the first day.

Working class

Exclusive Star August (Exclusive Star Gran Prix Nevskiy Tserber Ultra Night) – 1 exc, CW, CAC Both days.

Smart Wood Hills Xenox  ( Smart Wood Hills Ulan + Inessa Armand iz Zoosfery)- 2 exc, RCAC only the first day.

Intermediate class:
Exclusive Star Jasmine (Toretto del Tibur + Domerona Cameya dlya Exclusive Star)- 2 × 1 exc, CW, CAC.

Open class:
Bombastichansa Bellisina Blase  (Tahi-Reme Hachiko + A`Donikons Pikkola Amore) – 2 × 1 exc, CW, CAC.